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Basement Conversions

In need of space to grow? Here are at Use Your Space Design & Build we take dark damp basement and cellars and create that extra growing space or if you haven’t got a basement we can construct or under build one for you. Don’t move house with all the hassle and cost it brings, grow down into your basement. If your existing basement is not big enough we have the experience to under-build under other parts of your home expanding the floor area of your basement. Or maybe your basement hasn’t the right head height we are experts at underpinning and can create additional head height.

We have carried out dozens of basement conversion in Leamington Spa and Warwick including grade 2 listed homes.

By utilising your basement you’re not extending into the garden and not taking up valuable outside space and with French doors, we can even integrate your basement into outdoor space, or maybe a sunken courtyard.

Your basement is a room waiting to be converted, but why stop at one room we maybe able to create multiple rooms or add an en-suite. We are experts at creating wonderful basement spaces. We are a one stop shop for your conversion from the initial survey of your basement through building regulations, the build and completion using our own team.

Conversion Types

Here at Use Your Space Design & Build we put basement and cellar projects into three main categories, these being:

Basement/Cellar Conversion
Retro Fit
New Build Construction

For basement conversion and retro fit projects underpinning is either required to increase head height or part of the build on a retro fit project.

Why move house when you can either convert your existing basement, under pin it and make it deeper or retro fit a basement under your home.

Basement or Cellar Conversion

With today’s house prices, and the hassle of moving many home owners looking for a larger home are now looking beneath their feet.

Take one damp, musty glorified store room basement, bring along Use Your Space Design & Build and open up your basement to its full potential.

If the ceiling height is not sufficient, don’t worry, with our structural engineer we can devise a underpinning method to extend the existing foundation of your home and give you the head height you desire. Here at Use Your Space Design & Build most of our projects now involve underpinning, whether it’s to create the increased head height or to extend the footprint of the basement under other parts of the property.

Use Your Space Design & Build will add natural light to the basement, new insulation to both wall, floor and ceiling construction carefully adhering to the latest Building Regulations, including mains linked smoke alarms and means of escape windows.

Retro Fit and New Build Construction

Not having a basement does not mean you can’t have one. Here at Use Your Space Design & Build we can using methods of excavation and underpinning form you a new basement using methods of excavation and underpinning and in almost all cases the main house can still be occupied through the works.

Building a new home from scratch? Maximise your plot value and include a basement level, this can be formed using several methods the most popular being Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).

Underpinning & Creating Head Height

If your existing basement or cellar has a low ceiling height or is not sufficient for your needs, Use Your Space Design & Build can lower the existing foundations of your property through the method of underpinning.

Underpinning is used in many basement or cellar projects and the main reasons for its introduction into a project are:

Increase existing head height within an existing basement or cellar
Create a basement where no basement currently exists
Extend traditional sub floor voids into new basement rooms

Here at Use Your Space Design & Build we use two main methods of under pinning these include:

Traditional Mass Pour Underpinning

This is where our team work to our structural engineers’ specification and excavate one metre sections to a required depth. Sacrificial props are used to support the underside of the existing footings. Temporary shuttering is then formed and concrete is poured into the void, in conjunction with the use of a vibrating poker. Once cured the shuttering is removed and the small void between the new concrete and the existing footings is then dry packed, again to our structural engineers’ specification and calculations. This process is carried out to all the required walls, this leaves an area of soil in the middle of the basement (called a ‘soil plug’) this is then removed on completion of the underpinning works.

Block Underpinning

This method of underpining involves excavating one metre sections under the existing footings to the required project depth, A strip concrete footing is then poured to the bottom of each excavation. Following the cure of this footing, high density concrete blocks are then laid, the blocks are laid ready to tie into the adjacent excavation at a later point. The remaining void between new block work and existing footings is then filled.

How We Do It To Keep Your Basement Dry

Use Your Space Design & Build predominantly install the Cavity Drain Membrane system on our projects as in most cases this is the best solution. Cavity Drain Membrane is an internally applied system to the floor and walls of the basement. This system allows moisture to enter the basement and is then managed using an integrated drainage and pumping system. This way pressure is not forced to build up, the status quo of the property has not been changed but the damp problems are managed.

On a typical conversion project this is how it runs:

  1. Open up front excavation to allow main access (this normally later forms the basement light well and escape window)
  2. The original basement floor is removed, this is normally brick or terracotta tiles laid directly to soil or ash.
  3. Underpinning, if part of the works is carried out, or otherwise the floor is excavated to the lowest point possible.
  4. Original electrics and plumbing are modified to ensure they are above the new proposed ceiling line.
  5. The basement drainage system is then installed. We use two methods either a perimeter drainage system or a central drainage system (they are project dependant and in some cases, we install both).
  6. At least one sump chamber is then installed and linked into the drainage system.
  7. A new concrete floor is then laid to the complete basement area and then left to sufficiently cure.
  8. Our team then install the Cavity Drain System to the walls and floor of the basement.
  9. Insulation is then laid to the complete floor to achieve this stage of building regulations.
  10. Typically, a screed floor is then laid, this can also be linked to the installation of underfloor heating.
  11. A stud framework is then created to the walls and internally insulated, new services are ran behind this to include heating pipes and electrics.
  12. The ceiling is then insulated with 100mm insulation and 12.5mm fire retardant plasterboard is then installed.
  13. Windows and door frames are installed and wrapped in protective polythene.
  14. The walls are lined with plasterboard and everything receives a skim coat of plaster.
  15. Carpentry, electrics and plumbing are then completed.
  16. The pump systems are tested and commissioned.

Ideas for Your Basement Conversion


Basement rooms make great play rooms, we’re often told by parents that the basement playroom is great “we don’t have to panic and tidy away the mess when people are visiting!!” Basements are naturally great for dulling sound so you don’t have to worry about neighbours when the kids crank up CBeebies on the new TV on the basement wall!

Knowing your children are playing in a room with good natural light, smoke alarms and in a room that fully meets building regulations.

Home Cinema

With trips to the cinema to watch the latest film becoming more and more expensive, why not add your own. On a recent project we installed a full surround sound system, drop down 80” screen and ceiling mounted HD projector. With a big comfy sofa, chill with the kids (or without!) and watch a blockbuster in the comfort of your own home with a nice bowl of freshly popped corn!


Admittedly not everyone’s first thought for a bedroom, but we have created independent flats with bedrooms and also created basement conversion solely to form a new bedroom for a growing family who simply didn’t want to move from the home they loved.

Office / Study

Daily commute driving you crackers, or just need that space to work from home that can still be away from home?

Imagine a work area in your basement, where you can work in peace and quiet but be only a flight of stairs away from your own home and kettle!

Kitchen / Dining Room

Some period properties have quite small kitchens and if the thought of eating up precious outdoor space in your garden doesn’t appeal, move your kitchen down stairs into your basement, add your dining room and then how about French doors with stairs up to your garden or out to a sunken courtyard. Here at Use Your Space Design & Build we can carry out a full kitchen design supply and fit as well. So there is no need to bring in extra contractors.

Basement Conversion, Leamington Spa

This conversion was to a Grade 2 Listed home and involved restoring and reinstalling many period features to this basement conversion in Leamington Spa. The finished basement conversion included a reading room, home gym, utility room and shower room alongside some clever storage areas. We also discovered a 20 ft Deep well which was restored and finished off with a walk able glass panel.

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  • Leamington Spa 1 - basement conversion solihull
  • Leamington Spa 2 - basement conversion solihull
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Just want to say a massive thank you to our builders, a hugely professional team of guys, with great attitudes, great banter and super skills!!

Literally couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve done over the past few months, you’ve turned our home from a caterpillar into a butterfly!

Liam & Ali Harper

Balsall Common, Warwickshire


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