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Loft conversions

Decided your in need of space to grow? Don’t want to go through the hassle of moving. Let us show you how a loft conversion from Use Your Space Design & Build will give you that space for your family to grown and add 20% value to your home (source: Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).

We are expert at loft conversions from straight forward roof window conversions to hip to gable lofts and everything in between. Having experience in working on loft conversions is essential when finding the right builder. Factor in significant structural changes taking place to your home and understanding of thermal elements to ensure your loft conversion is cool in the summer months but equally nice and toasty in the winter months.

We will take you through the main types of loft conversions using the examples below, often a loft conversion will integrate these elements together for example a hip to gable loft conversion with rear dormer.

After these examples of different loft conversions, we have covered some handy tips to help you understand if your loft is the right fit for a loft conversion, we will never carry out a loft conversion if the end result will not be fantastic and give you sufficient head height and space.

Roof Window Loft Conversion, Solihull

This type of loft conversion involves no changes to the shape of the roof, apart from the introduction of roof windows. As a company we believe Keylite roof windows offer the best choice in terms of quality and range; the roof windows are also covered by a ten year manufacture’s warranty. The full range of Keylite roof windows for loft conversions can be seen here.

This loft conversion in Solihull was carried out to a 1940’s semi detached house to create an additional bedroom. After our initial discussion, the design was to achieve one large bedroom space but natural light was important to make the room feel spacious and an enjoyable environment to study in. We suggested large top hung Keylite roof windows with white internal finish with two windows to both the front and rear elevation and one roof window located over the new loft staircase. The new room also had multiple eaves storage access doors and our joinery workshop produced matching stair parts for the new loft stairs to create a seamless feel to this loft conversion in Solihull.

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  • Roof Window Conversion

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion, Warwick

This hip to gable loft conversion also incorporated a rear dormer to create a master bedroom and en-suite. On this particular project the client had not managed to find a builder that they found was the right fit and after discussing their project with us we visited site and managed to design an access to the new loft space that did not lose one of the bedrooms; something that the other builders had said was impossible. When designing a loft conversion in Warwick, experience is a valuable asset. Here at Use Your Space Design & Build we have converted many roof spaces and understand specific building regulations for loft conversions is very important, for example; the head height rule to loft staircase design. The rear dormer on this loft conversion in Warwick created additional space for the master bedroom but also allowed a good sized en-suite shower room to be created, so the property ended up with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, which not only gave this growing family the space they desperately needed, but added value to the house.

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Dormer Loft Conversion, Solihull

Formation of rear dormer to create master bedroom and en-suite to this loft conversion in Solihull. The design brief was natural light was really important. We designed this loft conversion with roof lights to the front elevation and to the rear, large window to the new en-suite and French Doors with a Juliet Balcony creating a wow factor and lots of natural light. On this dormer loft conversion in Solihull we completed the dormer with vertical tiles and the roof was protected using a high performance EPDM roof covering. One of the great ways we operate when working on a loft conversion in Solihull is that the majority of the work is carried out from external access to your new roof space and only later in the project when installing the new stairs do we need to access the main house.

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Truss Rafter Loft Conversion, Leamington Spa

This truss rafter loft conversion In Leamington Spa was carried out to create space for this growing family. A truss rafter loft conversion is carried out differently to a traditional roof conversion in terms of structural works are carried out before any of the existing roof truss timbers are cut back. The end result is a still a fantastic conversion and great space addition to your home. We work closely with our structural engineer during the design process to ensure the work is carried out to their design but to also enhance the space available within your roof space.

Head Height

We take head height as the starting rule, here at Use Your Space Design & Build we will not undertake a loft conversion if final head height of a minimum 2 metres can not be achieved as this goes against our ethos of creating space.

The easiest way to see if this is achievable is to start with having a minimum 2.2 metres (to start with from the ceiling joists to the apex of your roof) for a traditional roof or 2.4 metres for a truss roof as shown on the diagram below. When a loft is converted typically the new loft conversion floor will raise the floor height by approx. 200mm and the ceiling will come down by approx.. 100mm. We feel that anything less than 2 metres after the loft is converted is not sufficient for your investment and a comfortable room and would not be right for a quality builder to create anything less..

  • Head Height Design

Listings or Conservation Area

Other factors that need to be taken into consideration are the area you live in, for example; is your property listed or does it fall within a Conservation area? Although it won’t stop you having a loft conversion there will be restrictions on what can be achieved. Our friendly team will discuss this with you during your initial contact with us. We have experience in carrying out loft conversions from period properties up to modern new homes, and this experience reaps huge benefits for you when converting your loft with Use Your Space Design & Build.

Escape Route

A loft conversion requires a protected means of escape from the new loft conversion to the exit door of your home, this means you must be able to take a direct route to your front door and not have to go through other rooms. Also, open plan reception rooms will require protection and in most cases this is achieved by installation of a discreet sprinkler system.

Fire Protection

The loft room must be protected with a 30 minute fire door. The remaining property is protected by the installation of a linked smoke alarm system with battery back up and the fitting of a heat detector within your kitchen.

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors must be fire resistant within the property to comply.


Just want to say a massive thank you to our builders, a hugely professional team of guys, with great attitudes, great banter and super skills!!

Literally couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve done over the past few months, you’ve turned our home from a caterpillar into a butterfly!

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